Who Is The Bald Wanderer?

Hey Fellow Travellers!

Welcome to The Bald Wanderer! Nice to “virtually” meet you and thanks for stopping by.

Who is The Bald Wanderer?

My name is Paul and I’m born and raised in Vancouver, Canada.

My resume says I’m a front end developer and digital marketer, but my heart says I’m a global wanderer and digital nomad. Why not do both, right?

In my spare time, I like to chill at a cafe and read a book, binge-watch documentaries, and go on road trips with friends.

Coffee is life, I can never get enough. 

Hockey is the greatest sport in the world.

The Bald Wanderer
Hanging out at the fjords of Iceland.

Where Have I Been?

I have been travelling regularly for over 10 years. My first international trip (other than Canada and the US) was to Japan. I was hooked on travel immediately and haven’t looked back since.

I have visited 32 countries (and counting) across 5 continents.

Check out all the places I’ve been.

I love getting lost in various cultures, learning different languages, discovering the rich histories and enjoying all kinds of food and drinks.

The Bald Wanderer
Well, hello there Chichén Itzá

Why The Bald Wanderer?

I created The Bald Wanderer to help inspire others to have the same passion for travel as I do.

Here at The Bald Wanderer, you’ll get access to:

  • information on the top travel destinations in the world
  • travel tips and tricks to help your adventures go smoothly and stressfree
  • sample itineraries and trip planning tips to help get your vacations started on the right foot
  • discussions with other travel experts because we all share the same passion, let’s learn from each other

What's Next?

Soon I will be launching The Bald Wanderer Podcast and YouTube Channel, so stay tuned!