7 Incredible Travel Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Travel isn’t just about sightseeing and crossing items off a bucketlist. It’s also about education and discovery, and being shocked and amazed. How better to do that than with these 7 incredible travel facts that will blow your mind.

France covers more time zones than any country on the planet.

France has the world record for number of times zones with 12, beating out Russia and the US that have 11 each. The main part of France that is in Europe only covers 1 time zone. The other 11 are covered by France’s many dependencies around the world.

Canada has over three million lakes. That’s 60% of the world’s total.

Canada has an extremely large number of lakes, with the number of lakes larger than three square kilometres being estimated at close to 31,752 by the Atlas of Canada. Of these, 561 lakes have a surface area larger than 100 km2, including four of the Great Lakes. Almost 9% of Canada’s total area is covered by freshwater. There is no official estimate of the number of smaller lakes.

Russia is bigger than Pluto.

Whether you’re in one of those camps that still believes Pluto is a planet or not, it’s still pretty impressive that the size of Russia is bigger. Pluto’s surface area is 16.7 million square kilometres while Russia’s surface area is 17,098,242 square kilometres. Russia is also the largest country in the world.

Finland has almost 180,000 islands. More than any country on earth.

Within Finland‘s borders there are 789 islands of over 1 square kilometre area. Most of these are inhabited, and with a road connection to the mainland. There are altogether 75,818 islands over 0.5 square kilometre area in Finland and with all the smaller isles, the total number of islands in Finland is 178 947.

San Marino has more cars in its country than people

San Marino has more cars than people because it is tax heaven and a lot of the Italians in the neighbouring cities decide to register their cars there and pay less. This also happens in other countries, but here it is flagrant as the number of cars is far higher than the number of people.

The whole of China operates on Beijing time, even though the country covers five time zones.

The time in the People’s Republic of China follows a single standard time despite China spanning five geographical time zones. The official national standard time is called Beijing Time domestically and China Standard Time (CST) internationally. Daylight saving time has not been observed since 1991.

The city of Monaco is smaller in size than Central Park in New York City

The Principality of Monaco is a microstate on the French Riviera in Europe. It has an area of 2.02 square kilometres making it the second-smallest country in the world after Vatican City. Central Park in New York City is 3.41 square kilometres, meaning that the entire country of Monaco could fit inside with room to spare.

These 7 incredible travel facts that will blow your mind are just a tiny sampling of this crazy world we live in. I will be sharing more of these fun travel facts as I find them. Stay tuned!

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