5 Ways to Stay Safe if Travelling During COVID-19

As airline travel starts to pick up again it’s important to know what you can do to stay safe. Here are 5 ways to stay safe if travelling during COVID-19.

1: Do Your Research

It’s important to know the latest COVID-19 information and policies of the airline you’ll be flying with, especially around contact tracing and being notified if you were on a flight that may have been affected. It’s also good to fly with airlines that require passengers to wear a mask to prevent the spread of respiratory droplets in the cabin.

Thanks to amadeus here is a list of all airlines and links to their policies.

2: Choose Your Seat Wisely

Before you book your flight make sure you check with the airline to make sure their seating arrangement follows the social distancing guidelines. There should be seats blocked off so that you’re not sitting right next to other passengers. If possible, book a window seat so you can avoid people passing through the cabin.

3: Prepare For Your Flight

On the days or weeks before your flight get lots of sleep, eat healthily, take vitamins C and D, and exercise in order to boost your immune system. The healthier you are the better chance you have of stopping the virus before it takes hold.

4: Point The Air Vent Away

When you get to your seat, turn on your air vent so it pushes the air, not on your face, but directly in front of it.,” This will keep any particles or viruses away from your face.

5: Bring Hand Sanitizer With You

Always keep a small bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer with you and sanitize when you get to your seat or after touching any surfaces. There’s no point in wearing gloves as that will only spread bacteria and viruses around if you touched any affected areas.

This list of 5 ways to stay safe if travelling during COVID-19 will definitely help, but don’t forget that the most important precautions are always to keep your distance from others and avoid touching any part of your face unless you’ve freshly sanitized.

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  1. Joan Senio says:

    This is a very helpful post. Suggestions like these help reduce the added stress of travel during these times. These ideas will be especially valuable for people who are forced to travel, though they may not yet be ready to do so, due to difficult situations such as sick loved ones. Thanks for sharing.
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