5 Ways to Satisfy Your Travel Craving During COVID-19

These are unprecedented times. What the world is going through with COVID-19 is a once in a generation occurrence, if that. I guess the closest thing to what we’re going through in recent memory would be the 1918 flu pandemic. With most country’s borders locked down international travel, and even some domestic travel has been non-existent. So what do you do if, like me, your passion is travel? Well, here are five ways to satisfy your travel craving during COVID-19.

Get Inspired

The current travel situation is only temporary. Eventually the restrictions will be lifted and things will begin getting back to some kind of normal. This is the perfect time to get inspired for your future adventures.

Just as people read books to escape reality for a while and enter new worlds, the same can be done with travel. Grab a few travel guides, watch some videos on YouTube, or read some blogs (like you’re doing right now). There are so many resources at your fingertips. Live through the experience of other travellers which will then give you inspiration and ideas of places to see and trips to plan.

This leads us to our next point, planning your next trips.

Plan Your Next Trips

How many of us have gone on vacation only to realize when returning home that we missed seeing some sights? It’s so easy to do when visiting a destination and trying to cram so much to see and do in a small window of time.

Trip planning is so important in making a vacation as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. While the COVID-19 travel restrictions are in place this is the perfect time to plan your future trips.

While you’re getting inspired make a list of all the places you’d like to visit, and then a list of all the sights you want to see or things you want to do at those destinations. Remember not to overwhelm your trip. Rank what is most important for you to see and do. You don’t have to do everything in one trip. Always assume you will return there again.

Once you have your plans all drawn up save them somewhere so that once the travel restrictions are removed you’re all ready to go and already know what you want to see and do.

Be a Tourist Wherever You Are

Many of us have been travelling so much that we probably know more about the destinations that we visit than our own country, province/state, or city.

This is the perfect time to show off your “home base”, so to speak. You can be a tourist wherever you’re located. I’ve been using this time to explore my city, take a lot of photos and videos, and share them online.

Check out some of my photos on my Instagram.

While being a tourist in your home city, or wherever you’re located during the pandemic, it’s also great to practice and hone those photography and videography skills, which will come in handy on your future adventures.

Share Past Adventures

Why not relive some of those past adventures by sharing them with others.

This is the perfect time to start your own blog, vlog or podcast and share what you’ve learned during your travels. The successes, the failures. Others can learn through you.

It could also be a great hobby. Creating an Instagram or Pinterest feed of past travel photos, or videos of footage that was shot during previous vacations.

Reliving and sharing past adventures can help rekindle that travel passion if it’s been dampened a little during the pandemic.

Learn How to Make Better Memories

Taking great photos and/or videos when travelling helps to make the memories last a lifetime.

Often when I visit popular tourist sites I see everyone trying to get that “perfect shot”, but many of them are going about it the wrong way.

During this travel downtime, it might be beneficial to take a class or two or watch some tutorials to enhance those photography and videography skills and look like a pro.

I know right now with all the pandemic restrictions it’s hard to imagine when we’ll all be able to travel again. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Some countries are already starting to open up and are talking about removing some of the restrictions. But until then, these are five ways to satisfy your travel craving during COVID-19.

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