5 Apps Every Traveller Must Have With Them

In my post on the 9 Ways To Know If You Are A ‘Good’ Traveller I mentioned that it’s good to use travel apps, but not to depend on them, and I still believe that. But there are 5 apps every traveller must have with them when they travel, just in case.


Google Maps

There are a lot of maps apps out there, but I find the most up-to-date is Google Maps, and with the ability to download maps and routes to your phone you’re not always having to have data or looking for wifi. Some other useful features are:

  • Make a list of places to visit
  • Send your location real-time
  • Explore areas in street view


Google Translate


Uber   Grab    Lyft   


Facebook Messenger    WhatsApp

Having a communication app on your phone, like Facebook Messenger or Facebook Messenger isn’t a must, but it could be useful in case someone needs to get ahold of you while you’re travelling. The last thing you want is to be getting charged for text messages or roaming charges and coming home to a huge bill.



Agoda Booking.com

  • Free cancellation options on almost all rooms
  • Early loyalty rewards
  • Easy to book on the go
  • Clear pricing without hidden fees
  • Price match guarantee
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Technology is a major part of our daily life and that doesn’t change when you’re on vacation. This list of the 5 apps every traveller must have with them is just an example of some of the apps that will make your trips that much smoother and your experiences that much richer.

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  1. Kira says:

    this is really useful for a newbie traveller, thanks for sharing!

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